Nicolo II Pignatelli ( 1648-1730)

Nicolo II Pignatelli ( 1648-1730) VII Marquis of Valle Oaxaca , V Prince of Noja , VIII Duke of Monteleone . Grandee of Spain , Knight of the Toson d'Or , Prince of Holy Roman Empire . Governor of the Naples " Galere ", Capitano Generale and Viceroy of Sardinia under the reign of Charles II of Spain , Personal Advisor of the King Charles II of Spain ; State Counsellor of King Philip V of Spain , appointed under his reign Capitano generale and Viceroy of Sicily . Later appointed also Grand Connestable and Great Admiral of the Kingdom of Naples. He married in 1679 Giovanna II Pignatelli Tagliavia Aragona Cortes , Duchess of Monteleone , Princess of Holy Roman Empire. "