History Pignatelli di Monteroduni
Storia Pignatelli di Monteroduni


Castello di Monteroduni (Molise)
Castle of the Prince of Monteroduni (Molise)


The origin (see Genealogy Tables ) of the Pignatelli of Monteroduni line started when Luigi Pignatelli died in 1637 : Luigi Pignatelli Marquis of Casalnuovo married Vittoria Pappacoda , they had six issues : Antonio died without issue in 1630 , Cesare who continued the Casalnuovo line married Maria Beltramo , Vittoria , Caterina and Francesco all died young.

Giovanni the fourth (1633-1693) , married in 1653 Ippolita di Somma daughter of Fabrizio and Silvia Caracciolo and was the founder of the Monteroduni line.

Giovanni in 1669 acquired the Monteroduni fief .....

Stemma Pignatelli with the coat-of-arms
of the Ruffo della Leonessa
(is a used variation of the Pignatelli of Monteroduni with only three Pignates )