Francesco Pignatelli Principe di Strongoli

Francesco Pignatelli Principe di Strongoli (born in Naples in 1775 , died in 1853 ) , Military General and prominent Neapolitan Historian , he joined the Austrian Army with Lobkowitz , later he joined Championnet in the French-Neapolitan Campaign .After the Neapolitan Revolution in 1799 , where his brothers Ferdinando and Mario were sentenced to death , he was exiled in France.
He moved laterto to the Kingdom of Naples ,when Bonaparte and Murat were Kings of Naples. He participated in the Spain , Germany and Austria military Campaign.
In 1821 after the Bourbon restoration , he spent most of his time writing his memories , a relevant essay was " Le Memorie del Regno di Napoli dal 1790 al 1815 ".
In 1848 , he actively participated at the Liberal movements and once again he spoke loudly in favour and in defense of the liberal Institution and freedom , ideals and dreams of his entire life.